Mystical Masks DAO

Be part of this new movement, Be Masked, Be Mystical.

What is Mystical Masks DAO?

A DAO is a 'Decentralized Autonomous Organization'. Mystical Masks DAO will have their holders as a source of power to help out the whole Mystical Ecosystem moving forward. All Mysticals (DAO members) will be able to vote and decide on the best paths for the future of Mystical Masks.

Voting Power

All Mysticals will have the power to vote on a lot of different situations confronted by Mystical Masks group, below are some examples:
  • Do a fundraise/partnership with a certain NFT project
  • Do raffles from certain Blue Chips and other NFT for holders
  • Buy Blue Chips for the community treasure wallet
  • New utilities for $MASK and new roadmap ideas
  • Partner and Collab with any NFT project
  • Changes on any internal structure of Mystical Masks DAO

Mystical Collaborations

Mystical Masks will be looking to provide the best collaborations and Whitelist spots out on the market for its holders. We will select a qualified team of Alpha Hunters to be looking into getting the maximum amount of WL spots possible for our community
Aside from Whitelist spots, our DAO members will be able to recommend any partnership with any project they feel interested in!