Deflationary Tokenomics

Using Math and Economy principals to build a sustainable ecosystem.

$MASK Token Value Creation

Holders will be rewarded with yield earning by staking their NFTs, and unlike most other projects and protocols, $MASK will build up its value not through unsustainable inflation, but rather through value creation that deflates the token.
To make that possible, $MASK has to have real use cases and more sources of increasing value then decreasing. That is why every part of Mystical Masks business operations will have direct relation with the Staking Liquidity Pool.

$MASK token utilities and applications

$MASK token earned from staking will have multiple use cases, some use cases explained below:
  • Participate in Mystical Masks auctions and raffles. Raffles and Auctions will include prizes such as, Whitelist spots from partnered projects, Blue Chips NFTs, IRL Items and merch, $SOL raffle and others.
  • Buy/trade into other cryptocurrencies

Mainstreams of LP Value

To be able to sustain a long term Staking Liquidity Pool, we will have more sources to add liquidity to the prize pool then draining it. To make that possible Mystical Masks will always use part of the revenue and capital acquired from its partnerships and investments to fill the Staking Liquidity Pool.
Below are some of the mainstreams of revenue generation that will make having a sustainable long term Staking Liquidity Pool possible:
  • Every internal Marketplace transaction to buy/sell any participation on the companies acquired during the investment rounds will have a 5% tax, 100% of that value will be added to the Staking LP.
  • 20% of all money raised from the fundraise and Investment Rounds will be directed to the Staking LP.
  • 100% of all tokens used to participate in Raffles, Auctions for all prizes that Mystical Masks will offer will be directed to the Staking LP. This will be possible mainly because all prizes offered in the raffles and auctions, such as whitelist spots, NFTs, $SOL and others will be bought only with the money raised from profits or earned by Mystical Masks Incubator operations.
  • Part of every profit earned from Mystical Masks Incubator or Advisory will be converted into new mainstreams of value for the Staking LP.