What is Mystical Masks?

Bringing a new source of Power to the Solana Ecosystem.

First ever Solana fundraiser and Incubator

Mystical Masks specializes in Solana NFT projects development and Growth. Built by a team of Economists, Marketing Experts, Twitter Experts, Influencers and Developers, Mystical Masks connects web2 projects and unique utilities with the web3.
Mystical Masks was designed to assist and maximize growth from new companies that want to leverage and scale their business in the Solana Ecosystem.
Bringing a new funding system to connect big web3 investors directly to new businesses, Mystical Masks allows new companies to fund and launch their projects with all the due support.

Multiple Areas of Activity

In order to ensure new projects are successfully developed, and to make sure Mystical Masks' partners grow efficiently, we cover all areas of support, since business creation, idea generation phase, up until full launch.