Investment Opportunities

Joining top tier startups on Solana has never been easier.

Connecting web3 investors

Mystical Masks is creating a new way of investing for all Solana NFT collectors and web3 investors. We are bringing to reality the dream of every Solana NFT user, collector, and investor: to invest in NFT projects before mint just like its done with web2 companies.
All investors will be able to participate in all projects partnered with Mystical Masks. Through private and public rounds of fundraising, our NFT holders and outside investors will have the first ever opportunity to get involved in a project during or even before its development.
By investing on the fundraise rounds of the new projects, investors will hold an equivalent percentage of participation of the project. All support and assistance during the development phase will be made by Mystical Masks Advising team, requiring investors only to claim their profits.

Investors selection and opportunities

For Mystical Masks Holders:
We use different filters mechanisms, including the amount of NFTs staked from each user, to select the investors that will be able to participate in the SHOs.
Each NFT staked gets you one entry on the raffle, for multiples NFTs staked you can increase your entries by having a higher multiplier. The Level of Staking you have adds a multiplier into every single NFT that is being staked. Basically, the multiplier compounds over every NFT staked.
For more information regarding Holder Bonus and Multipliers check "Staking" tab.
For non holders:
If the fundraise reaches the Public Offering phase (not common), any investor will have the opportunity to apply to the SHO. To select the ones that will be able to participate, a random raffle will be made considering all the applications.

Shares Distribution

Every person that successfully makes into the Fundraise investment rounds will receive a certain amount of shares equivalent to their participation on the project.
After the vesting period, that will vary accordingly to each project and will be announced before the fundraise, the Investors will be able to trade their participations up until one week before mint day. All trades will be made on Mystical Masks marketplace and the price of each share (equivalent to a percentage of participation in the project) is decided by the seller.
In case the investors decide not to sell the tokens and hold until mint, the profits will be distributed accordingly to their participation in each NFT sale, excluding royalties from secondary markets. Every investor will get their exact part from mint funds according to the amount of shares they have on the entire project.

Claiming your Investment shares

Once the fundraise and investment rounds are completed, the investors will be able to claim their shares. Thus, for every share that you hold from a certain project it will be equivalent for a certain percentage of participation in that company/startup.
To illustrate:
  • A new fundraise for a new utility project that partnered with Mystical Masks for fundraise and advising is starting.
  • On the fundraise, it was offered a total amount of 20% of the startup with a total value to be raised of 10k USD. Supposing that 50 spots were open, the base investment would be 200 USD per share, which equals to an equivalent of 0.4% of the whole project. Briefly, there would be only 50 shares in circulation, because each one is worth 0.4% giving a total of 20% combined.
  • Therefore, for every NFT sale, each holder would be earning 0.4% of the total amount. Considering $SOL around 40 USD, and a sell out of a project with 5k supply and 2 sol mint price, every holder with 0.4% share would profit 1.6k USD each, with a mere 200 USD investment, and no extra work.
To claim their profits, the investor is required to access our website and exchange their shares. The value that each share represents in that company will give you a proportional amount from mint funds.
If the investors decides not to hold their shares until mint, they have the option to sell it on our Mystical Marketplace at any time for any interested buyer.