🎭Incubator and Fundraising

The best and easier way to get Financial support for new Companies & Projects.

Financial Support Facilitated

Mystical Masks provides new businesses and projects an easy and exclusive fundraise through SHOs. We are responsible to bring new Investors and create a fundraise structure that makes easier for startups to start their development.

This way, Mystical Masks is the first ever Solana Incubator to give public access to venture capital on NFTs startups while bringing a new source of business leverage to the Ecosystem.

Venture Capital in Phases

Phase One - Private Investment Rounds

Mystical Masks first Financial Support is an internal fundraising and team allocations. In this phase, only Mystical Masks team will be able to invest on the applied project. In other words, this phase is a private round of sales, in which the amount of shares and price to be sold/bought will be set along with our Partner.

Phase Two - Holders Investment Rounds

In the Second Phase of investment rounds, Mystical Masks will open the remaining allocations exclusively for our NFT holders. During this period, every single Mystical Masks NFT holder will have the opportunity to buy shares of the partnered project.

Phase Three - Public Investment Rounds

During phase Three, all remaining shares will be open to the public. The Public Round will end once the fundraises gets completed or if the team decides to stop it.

Raised Capital Allocation

The total amount of capital, raised from the fundraise and investment rounds, will be held on Mystical Masks' Public Investment Funds Wallet. All the expenses and investments made by the Partnered Projects are of public access for all investors and have to be pre-approved by Mystical Masks team accordingly with the Project Team itself.

All funds raised will be split into project development investments (80%) and $MASK Staking Liquidity Pool (20%), Mystical Masks team will help the Partnered Project on their investments to potentialize growth and maximize gains.

Projects Selection

Mystical Masks is looking for new projects that really show growth potentials. There are a lot of filters applied by our team when selecting a new project to hold a fundraise and to help them with their development.

To guarantee more safety for all investors and Mystical Masks team, every project that wants to have a fundraise or even onboard on Mystical Masks Advising, will have to provide KYC and dox to a third party of trust before mint.

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