Mystical Masks Team

Meet all people behind the creation of Mystical Masks

Co-Founder & Marketing: Tivence

Before creating Mystical Masks, Tivence was the CMO for two different successful Brazilian ecommerce companies and operated in several different areas, such as, developing Marketing Strategies, Market Research and Branding Plan & Exposure. Besides that, Tivence spent around 2 years as the Chief of Marketing and Content Manager for a well known Business Influencer. After all those years investing in convencional web2 market, Tivence wanted to bring the Multi-Billion Dollar Venture Capital Market to life in the new web3 Solana Ecosystem. In order to pursue that idea, along with HardZ, they created Mystical Masks, the only Solana Fundraiser and Incubator for NFT startups.
Nowadays Tivence works exclusively in the development of Mystical Masks since it is a huge opportunity to build the biggest Venture Capital for NFTs in Solana and actually build a profitable and sustainable web3 company that will have big impacts in the whole market, even on web2, in the long run.

Co-Founder: HardZ

Along with Tivence, HardZ is the other Co-Founder that made Mystical Masks project possible. Coming from an M&A and Venture Capital background, HardZ worked at the third largest bank in South America, Banco Bradesco S.A. As an Economist, and with all his previous experience, HardZ is helping in the Structure and the Economy behind Mystical Masks Ventures and Tokenomics. With all his expertise, HardZ is one of the core pieces to guarantee that Mystical Masks becomes a successful business in the web3 by generating real life value through unique utility.

Advisor: Buzz

Coming from the same background as HardZ, Buzz is an economy expert and Investor. In Mystical Masks, Buzz is advising and helping to design the whole internal structure and economy of our project. As a really delicate market that has a lot of math involved and needs to be perfectly planned to run smoothly, Buzz will be the one to make sure we can have a sustainable economy while achieving the results we look for.

Lead Developer: Orion

As the main lead of our team of developers, Orion is behind the creation of Mystical Masks Fundraiser app. Currently Orion is Co-Founder of the Qualified Devs organization, the Main partner of Haslips NFT, one of the biggest NFT Coding channels on Youtube, with more than 80k subscribers and 3MM views. Orion, along with our other Developers will be designing all of the systems running behind Mystical Masks.


Jax Jax is a really experienced programmer in the Solana space and he will be helping in the development of our Fundraiser. Being the main dev behind Mystical Masks apps and the second Co-Founder of Qualified Devs, Jax is making all of our ideas possible.


Minnow Working along with our developers team, Minnow is the third and last Co-Founder of Qualified Devs. In Mystical Masks he will be helping in every single coding related part.