Fully detailed step by step to be done by our team

Phase I

  • Create first NFT sneak peeks
  • Launch Twitter and Discord (Private)
  • Launch Discord to the Public
  • Start Project Development
  • MysticalPaper Reveal
  • Intense Marketing campaign

Phase II

  • Onboard with Mercury
  • Get doxxed by ME Launchpad
  • Announce Mint Date, Price and Supply
  • Publish Website
  • Announce Growth and Revenue Projections document
  • Host and participate in AMAs
  • Mystical Masks mint
Starting this phase, our team will focus on establishing some partnerships with other builders in the space that will help us smooth our operation.
Before our Mint, our team will make sure to publish our website, that will contain more important information about our business and will be the house of our Fundraise system. Besides that, it is of huge importance to announce every single step that will be made by Mystical Masks in order to achieve the goals we here look for.
A fully explanatory document will be posted before mint, explaining everything about our business, revenue streams, holder opportunities, future investments, revenue projection, growth projection, profitability, scalability evaluation, business model evaluation, market opportunities and others. Phase II will have major importance in the future of Mystical Masks.
This phase ends once the collection gets minted, that is why our whole team has to make sure to provide as much information regarding our project and be as transparent as possible regarding post mint plans and development.

Phase III

  • Set up Matrica Verification for holders
  • DAO Set Up
  • Staking going Live
  • Partner with KYC Companies to Dox partnered Startups
  • Select partnered Startups and plan their development
  • Open Incubator and Fundraising applications publicly
  • Start first Investment Rounds for partnered projects
  • Incubate and help Develop partnered projects
  • Launch first partnered projects
Phase III will start right after Mystical Masks mints. Right of mint we will get in touch with KYC companies and Third Party Doxxing services to onboard with our platform in order to be able to dox every partner with a lower cost.
In this phase our main app will go live and we will start collecting Fundraise Applications publicly. After the selection of partnered Startups, our team will help in the development and plan of each one step by step.
The main part of Phase III will be composed of all the Fundraises we will be hosting. In this stage, Mystical Masks will have a new solid and sustainable revenue stream, as well as all our holders. In the end of this phase we will be growing exponentially and increasing even more all our Revenue Streams.

Phase IV

  • Mystical Merch going Live
  • Mystical Marketplace going Live
  • Business Scalability and Market Opportunities evaluation
After our business is running and proves to be a success, as already proved in order blockchains in similar markets, our team will evaluate according to market sentiment and other factors what are the existing opportunities to scale our business and keep sustaining the massive growth.
All existing options will be previously announced and specified, and holders will be able to help in some decisions regarding to take or not the risk of some existent opportunities out in the market.